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Where To Buy Pear Nova Nail Polish ((FULL))

When Rachel James first entered the beauty industry, she arrived with a passion for beauty and fashion, and a goal to fill a void in the nail community. At the heart of Pear Nova, her rapidly evolving brand of fashion-forward cruelty-free polishes is a mission to celebrate the abounding hues of Black women and bring representation to an industry that too often ignored them.

where to buy pear nova nail polish

Park loves this dusty blue shade that delivers the perfect nail salon-level coverage in just two coats. "It has a bit of a jelly consistency, so it feels more dimensional than a creme polish," adds Park.

With this in mind, Glamour's staff got down to testing a spate of chic, thoughtful formulas, and came away impressed with the ones below. Scroll on for the best nontoxic nail polish, according to our editors.

Here's the thing about vegan nail polish: In addition to leaving out the animal byproducts, many brands also skip those chemical red flags, like formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, and other common allergens and irritants. (Our favorites do, anyway.) So even if you don't follow a vegan lifestyle, you'll love these clean options.

And for pink lovers everywhere, you can't go wrong with this bubblegum shade. The full-coverage pigment provides extra-long wear (no chipping after a mere few days) and for the not-so-confident nail painters among us: Each bottle comes with a patented gripper cap, so it's easier to wield the brush without accidentally painting your cuticles.

I've always known that I would somehow be working in the fashion industry, and nail polish turned out to be the perfect little accessory that sat between the beauty and fashion world. I remember my last day of fashion merchandising school; I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with my second-born, giving a marketing presentation on a fake brand for my final. My professor was so blown away that all of the feedback literally awakened the entrepreneur in me. That very day, I went home, googled "how to start a nail polish line," and began building my business.

Pear Nova was unfortunately born through tragedy. I named my company after my late sister-in-love, Nova (who we aren't blessed to experience anymore due to domestic violence). I began googling one day and came across a nova pear tree, which is known to withstand extreme temperature. It was so fitting for both Nova, and what I was creating. It was perfect. 041b061a72


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