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Drama Updates

The 2022 NFL offseason has been chock-full of blockbuster moves, from surprise trades to abrupt comebacks. The draft, just around the corner, should present even more headlines. We don't blame you if you've struggled to keep up with all the drama. That's why we've compiled a handy tracker for all the latest, lingering storylines around the league.

The drama: He's not going anywhere this year, abruptly returning from "retirement" to retake command of the ship in Tampa Bay. But there's been too much smoke about his interest in another fresh start to rule out a 2023 relocation, especially with Bucs brass admitting this week there have been no extension talks with the 44-year-old QB, who's entering a contract year. Multiple reports have indicated Brady and the Dolphins had been eyeing a team-up before his return, which directly or indirectly resulted in coach Bruce Arians' abrupt resignation. If another Bucs title run isn't in the cards, it's not hard to envision Brady exploring his options.

The drama: Despite both Murray and the Cardinals publicly downplaying a rift, the former No. 1 overall pick is skipping offseason activities with reportedly no plans to return absent a lucrative extension. The drama began after the 2021 season, capped by yet another late-year collapse, when Murray, 24, removed all traces of Cardinals content from his social media. The two sides have since traded barbs, with Arizona brass airing anonymous concerns about the QB's leadership and Murray's agent pressuring the team in a lengthy public statement to commit to the QB not just verbally but financially.

The drama: Garoppolo loves the 49ers, and they love him. But ever since San Francisco traded up to draft Trey Lance No. 3 overall in 2021, the clock has been ticking. The primary (only?) reason Jimmy, 30, hasn't been moved is because he's rehabbing (again), this time from shoulder surgery. Only Kyle Shanahan knows if he's ready to bank on Lance's athleticism over Garoppolo's serviceable familiarity, but Jimmy is now steering clear of offseason activities, partially to privately rehab but mostly in anticipation of a divorce.

The drama: Cleveland insisted publicly after 2021, another low mark in an uneven career for the former No. 1 pick, that Mayfield would return as the starter in 2022, for a final audition as Kevin Stefanski's guy. Then they went all out to recruit and land ex-Texans star Deshaun Watson, despite the latter's serious legal troubles. Amid the Watson sweepstakes, Mayfield issued an unofficial goodbye to Browns fans, then requested a trade behind the scenes. Now, feeling admittedly "disrespected," the QB is skipping offseason activities as the team prepares for his inevitable departure, either via trade or release.

The drama: After a frenetic free agency that reset the receiver market, with multiple veterans netting close to -- or well above -- $20 million per year on new deals, Samuel skipped the start of San Francisco's offseason program in search of an extension. Now, after social-media chatter from his brother about a possible split from the 49ers, the All-Pro is seeking just that, reportedly halting contract talks and requesting a trade, apparently in part because of the toll of his heavy usage in San Francisco's offense.

The drama: Like Samuel, he's staying away from early offseason work in search of a major pay raise, specifically an extension ahead of his contract year. Brown has been especially sensitive to social-media comments about his apparent dispute, as well as rumors regarding potential trade destinations, but the Titans have expressed a clear interest in signing the receiver long-term.

The drama: Washington's No. 1 wideout also wants a new deal and reportedly has no plans to participate in on-field offseason work without one, but he's physically reported to team facilities, suggesting he's more willing to enter 2022 with the contract issue unresolved.

The drama: Speculated as a potential trade chip in the wake of the escalating receiver market, Metcalf is also entering a contract year and reportedly prefers an extension sooner rather than later. He is not, however, skipping voluntary workouts, and coach Pete Carroll has made it clear Metcalf is in their plans (even if he said the same about since-traded QB Russell Wilson).

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The third season of the hit reality dating series saw two of the five featured couples make it past the altar, and now viewers will get to see how those couples are handling things months after the fact. Is married life all they expected? Or have their romantic dreams turned into a neverending nightmare? The trailer, which you can watch above, offers some updates on relationship statuses, and of course, there will be drama.

Spencer Peter checked the trail cam and found video of this drama out along the nature trail at the Bear Center. A mother with three yearlings went on alert and then went up a big white pine behind the camera. Bears on NABC nature trail camA wary, scared tail-tucked wolf wearing a radio collar appeared and ate what the bears had been eating. Eventually the wolf left and the family came down. =DxLfG-PGOnc

A long time ago (circa 2014-15, which is about the length of a K-drama time skip), a tadpole-shaped seed was buried in the vast K-drama fangirl fields of Dramabeans and sprouted into the Poliwag you see today with enough fangirl tears.

The show has been created to enhance the GCSE Drama curriculum and includes resources on Practical, Design and Written Evaluation. Tackling themes of race and identity, Human Nurture can be used to inspire and entertain KS4 and KS5 drama and theatre students.Find out more

"The world's most hilarious reality show is back and better than ever with two new seasons. With no parents, no phones, and no mercy, the new animated series will introduce an updated cast of quirky, iconic teen contestants as they face hardcore competition, brutal eliminations, and more drama than ever before. Total Drama Island is produced by Fresh TV for Cartoon Network and HBO Max, and distributed internationally by CAKE."

The 12-episode K-drama follows the lives of three sisters who see hardships while growing up owing to financial crisis. While struggling to make ends meet, the trio gets tangled in a major conflict with the richest family in the country.

Releasing on 5 September, The Law Cafe stars Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young in the leading roles. The romantic drama comes from debut writers Im Ji-eun and Im Eui-jung. And, Lee Eun-jin, who directed Sassy, Go Go (2015), is helming the 16-part drama.

Based on the novel of the same name, it is a romantic drama between a veterinarian named Han Ji-yool (Choo) living in Seoul and a police officer, Ahn Ja-young (Joy) residing in the village. After Ji-yool arrives at the village, the two start spending time together which is followed by a sweet relationship that gradually buds between them.

The highly anticipated crime thriller K-drama with six episodes is set to release on 9 September on Netflix. Starring Park Hae-soo, Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Jo Woo-jin, Yoo Yeon-seok and Choo Ja-hyun in the leading roles, Narco-Saints is written and directed by Yoon Jong-bin of The Spy Gone North (2018).

Another Squid Game star returning to K-dramas this month is Lee Yoo-mi, who will be seen in the sports drama Mental Coach Jegal with Jung Woo. The tvN show is scheduled to air its first episode on 12 September and will run for 16 episodes.

Upcoming mystery drama Blind features K-pop stars Jung Eun-ji from Apink and Ok Taec-yeon from 2PM in leading roles. The OCN and tvN drama is helmed by Shin Yong-hwi of Tunnel (2017) and the screenplay is penned by Kwon Ki-kyung of Andante (2017). It is said to have 16 episodes.

Rom-com queen Park Min Young is returning to K-dramas with Love in Contract. She is being accompanied by her reel life grooms Jung Ji-ho (played by Go Kyung-pyo) and Kang Hae-jin (played by Kim Jae-young).

Written by Choi Soo-jin and Choi Chang-hwan of Defendant (2017), the upcoming legal drama follows Cheon Ji-hoon (Namgoong), a skilled lawyer with a unique style. Unlike other attorneys, he charges only 1000 won (approximately Rs 60), which is around USD 1, and often fights against the rich and powerful for his clients who do not have any money or sources.

May it Please the Court is scheduled to release on 21 September on Disney+ original platform. The upcoming legal mystery drama written by Kim Dan stars Jung Ryeo-won and Lee Kyu-hyung as lawyers Noh Chak-hee and Jwa Si-Baek, respectively.

After a long wait for the show's return, some exciting True Detective season 4 updates promise that it is on the way. The anthology series comes from Nic Pizzolatto who wrote every episode of the first three seasons, each of which focused on different detective characters investigating different cases. Season 4 of True Detective seems to be taking things in a slightly new direction as Issa López will be writing the new season with Jodie Foster and Kali Reis playing the lead detectives on the intriguing new case with the chilling title, True Detective: Night Country. 041b061a72


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