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Xcom 2 True Concealment

Rescue and Neutralize mission have been dropped from 13 turns to just 10, and Recover Item, Hack, and Destroy missions change from 9 turns to 7. Any missions which you begin without concealment remain unchanged.

Xcom 2 True Concealment

Robojumper's True Concealment featured in our best mods list for XCOM 2's base game, however is a worthy addition to LW 2's collection too. XCOM 2's newly added mission timers caused a bit of a stir at launch because while the mechanic tackled the Overwatch creep playstyle that had plagued forerunner Enemy Unknown, it also piled undue pressure on players. True Concealment sidesteps axing them completely but instead helps to balance play by reacting to the systems already in place. In turn, timers don't start counting down until your crew breaks initial concealment - which works wonderfully in Long War 2.

Concealment is a game mechanic in XCOM 2, which allows for stealth gameplay. While the majority of missions begin with the squad in concealment, certain missions like Retaliation and V.I.P. Rescue missions may not, preventing concealment from being employed.

Soldiers are normally unable to re-enter concealment once broken. The only exceptions to this is the Ranger classes conceal ability which allows reentering concealment, as well as succeeding in acquiring certain bonuses while hacking.

While concealed, XCOM soldiers can freely spot and encounter enemy units without triggering aggression, allowing for more freedom of movement without fear of activating an enemy pod. If concealment is broken however, every member except Rangers with Phantom of the squad becomes revealed, and enemies will automatically engage XCOM soldiers from that point onward...

when I get XCOM 2 I'll have to snag the true concealment mod, the timers are absolutely stupid for stealth .that's one of my huge complaints from watching an LP of the game (since it'll be awhile before I can buy it.)

this game was decent but nothing special. I really enjoyed customizing the look of my rebels and soldats with the mod. The DLC was very much the kind of shoehorning in stuff that doesnt really fit or belong, but wasnt bad persay. It's amixed bag... on one hand it's nice to streamline a lot of these things, xcom2 is very much the entry into TBT games for many souls.... On the other hand this almost feels like a tablet-compatible dumb-down, its a far cry from older style TBT... which isnt necessarily a bad thing or a good thing. (I was in fact just playing JA2 1.13 today... like almost everyday XD)

any xcom vet knows or expects two parts. base building/strat and mission/tacitcal. here we have a very weird take on strat and i didnt like any aspect of it at all. i get the theme but the menus are awful with the strat screen and rushing around to and fro is hardly enjoyable. base building was okay but really felt like a fluff and did a bare minimum, i was however okay with that, had it been a more involved thing it would have not worked out well given the overall take on strat for the game...

the game felt a little long. heck it's xcom, and for that it's a bit short but by the end of the game i was very eager to just get it done with. the game loses its novelty and gets repetitive about halfway through to 2/3 through, part of this is because of the strategy there isnt much of a feeling of an overarching goal or any sense of major progress via research or unlocking rewards. you do win countries but it just doesnt have much gusto or feel that rewarding, becuase you know you are just going to kill some more aliens pretty much the same as last mission maybe with a weapon that does 1-3 points dmage or some such. still the engine is visually impressive and the class distinction/skill sets make this decent enough.

This trope has been tested by the Mythbusters. Whether this trope is busted or plausible depends on what the concealment is made of and what is hidden inside the concealment. It's mostly busted for walls vs. bullets.

So I promised some more complete thoughts on the multiplayer; but unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to play a round in my rush to wrap-up the main story. With that said, not much has changed between Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. You are still given a certain number of points to construct a squad consisting of heroes and enemies from the main game, which you then take into battle against other players. One key change, though - it appears that you can't change your soldier's weapon. Instead, everyone is locked into a mid-tier weapon setup, which can be augmented by a handful of accessories. Multiplayer proved to be a relatively insignificant part of Enemy Unknown's appeal, with the community being virtually abandoned by 2014, and I suspect that will hold true for XCOM 2 as well. If you want to see it in action, though, check out the video below from our sister site Eurogamer.

Left branch: "Saboteur" type Shinobi are pure infiltrators, skirting past even the most watchful eyes on the strategic and tactical layers of the game to ensure early warning on enemy forces before your main force encounters them, while losing out on potential squad damage each turn you choose not to break concealment.

You will start out learning about movement and concealment. Moving towards your objective, if you stay in cover your army will maintain concealment, allowing you to get the jump on the enemy. Once you get close to the enemy, you will engage them and start taking them out.

Unlike other mod where you can slow the time or even halt it, true concealment mod works differently. Whether for a difficult or gruelling battle, you can tamper with the timer fairly with this mod. Ordinarily, in vanilla XCOM, the time will start even when aliens are yet to spot you. But with the True concealment mod, things are different in your favour . By this, your timer only starts counting down only when aliens can see your first soldier. This is a good time management mod to check out.

Overwatch Ignores Concealment is a little change with a huge effect, allowing your overwatch to fire off normally even while your troops are concealed. You no longer gain the bonus chance to hit that vanilla concealed Overwatch enjoys, but in return, you don t have to jump through hoops to get your stealthed troops to react anymore. As an XCOM:EU vet, this mod is one I really enjoy I prefer starting fights on the alien s turn instead of starting ambushes during mine. It s a definite boost to the player s lethality from concealment, so consider increasing your game s difficulty to balance things out.

Speaking of total overhauls, Wave COM is a mod dear to my heart. As someone who loves tower and wave defense games, this mod is my dream come true start with a small squad of rookies and fight off increasingly harder and more numerous waves of enemies on random maps. Your soldiers level up from kills as they would in a real campaign, and as you earn resources from surviving enemy waves, you can hire new troops, unlock new research, and buy new equipment and upgrades.

Once concealment is broken, life becomes much more difficult. Successful shots are dictated by chance rolls, and you secure favourable odds by staying in good cover and flanking. A poor move or a stroke of bad luck can wipe out a soldier, or take them out of action for days. Time-limited objectives to hack a terminal or rescue/assassinate a VIP in a certain number of turns force you to be reckless. What s more, all alien variants, bar the lowest tier of enemy soldier, have the capacity to be incredibly disruptive. The lowly Sectoids of Enemy Unknown are all grown up, and can mind-control your troops and resurrect corpses.

Concealment is given to units at the beginning of most missions (aside from the Retaliation-type ones). While on the battlefield, your units will be able to approach the enemies from a really close distance before they are noticed. It's represented by special, red icons on the ground, which show you the "sight range", spreading a few squares in each direction from each enemy unit. If one of your units steps on that field, or fires his / her gun, the concealment will be broken and the enemy will be able to see all of your units.


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