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Marianland Church Supply has the best selection of Roman Catholic books, videos, music, statues, gifts, Bibles, and Marianland Church Supply has the best prices. The Best Roman Catholic Marian and Pro-Life Resources Bookstore since 1985. Books, Bibles, DVDs, Videos, Music, Statues, News, and Church Supplies are all available. Church Size Statuary, Bibles, Clergy Apparel, Discounted Catholic Gifts, Catholic Store, Monstrances, Communion Cups, Gift Shop, and Retail Shopping. A to Z from the Catholic Church's Enriched Spiritual Garden, shown in over 36 Million God's Colors.


The Mustard Seed, Inc. is a non-profit, Roman Catholic organization in Iowa City, Iowa.It is our goal to make available the teachings of the Catholic Churchthrough the sale of select Catholic books, gifts, artwork, videos, and audio products. The Mustard Seed also offers a Reference Library of Catholic Classics. We strive to instill and strengthen the Catholic Faith as guarded by the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church. All proceeds go toward the pursuit of this goal.

The shop has always offered the standard fare of religious stores, including books, statuary, rosaries, icons and crucifixes. A number of years ago the Franciscans decided to increase the size of the shop to add some unique products made by monks, friars, sisters, nuns and hermits.

Find all of your church supplies at Kaufer's Religious Supplies - A Division of Catholic Supply! We carry products ranging from clerical apparel, vestments, church furniture, processional crosses, tablernacles, monstrances, chalices, patens, crucifixes, artwork, candles, altar breads and wines, statuary, religious gifts for home and sacramental gift giving, books, bibles, stationary and so much more!

Today with locations in Spokane and Seattle, and a growing presence on the internet, Kaufer's maintains its family roots with a fourth generation of owners and managers. A 5th generation is already in training. Though originally a supplier of solely Catholic books and supplies, Kaufer's has expanded to include a wide variety gifts, religious art, and music among their products, and various Christian denominations among their customers.

Our Gift Shop has a wide assortment of items to help develop a deeper sense of the Catholic faith, including an extensive selection of statues, bibles, prayer cards, rosaries, books, candles, crosses/crucifixes, greeting cards and more. We also carry specialty items to help you celebrate liturgical seasons such as Christmas or Easter. If you have a loved one who is celebrating a Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation or Wedding, find the perfect gift to cherish and commemorate the special event. Our religious gifts and supplies will help you, and the recipients of your gifts, enjoy wonderful spiritual growth!

We are happy to be able to offer items from Medjugorje in our online store such as books, rosaries, medals, crucifixes, statues, videos, music, pictures and prayer cards, vestments, and much more. With the purchase of these items you are helping to support our mission, the local parish in Medjugorje, as well as individual local families working and living in and around Medjugorje.

Many of the books we offer are only available at the parish Franciscan Shop, located on the grounds of St. James church in Medugorje. With special permission from the parish, we are able to offer books, videos, CD's and other items by Fr. Slavko, Fr. Svetozar, and other local priests of the parish.

From baptism through First Communion and confirmation, religious events are important rites of passage for many families. Hallmark offers a wide range of Christian gifts and religious greeting cards to honor and celebrate these important faith milestones in a child's life. For many Christian denominations, the first holy sacrament administered in a child's life is baptism, or christening, as a baby. Many parents also choose godparents, or sponsors, for their baby's baptism, who provide spiritual guidance to the child as they grow. Whether you're looking for a baptism gift for the baby, like a cuddly stuffed animal or a Christian book for kids, or a keepsake gift for the family like a picture frame, blanket or figurine, you'll find an appropriate christening gift at Hallmark. You can add a sweet religious-themed baptism card as well.

In addition to these milestones, Hallmark offers a full range of religious greeting cards and Christian gifts for all the people in your life, full of inspirational and faith-based messages that provide reminders of God's love. Prayer boxes, angel figurines, ornaments and rustic wood signs all provide opportunities for reflection on faith.

The Marian Shop continues to provide a wide variety of products to everyone. Highlighting our Catholic faith through our ministry; we offer sacramental gifts, statues, prayer cards, rosaries, books, candles, and a new line of greeting cards. Our shop also brings quality collections and new gifts to the community, including treasures by local artists.

The Sacred Heart Gift & Book Store is located next to the church and offers a wide array of religious items and specialty gifts. Our store takes pride in the unusual, unique pieces from around the world, including art and sculpture as well as jewelry and handmade products from Italy, Germany, and throughout the United States. Stop in to browse, ask questions, or even place a special order. We look forward to helping you select that perfect something special.

The store features a unique collection of gifts, beautiful handcrafted items from all around the world and an assortment of ornaments. Religious and spiritual items including Bibles, devotional items, journals, artisan rosaries, prayer cards along with traditional and contemporary religious and swallow-themed handmade jewelry that support local and international artisans and causes. View a live walk-through and browse our new arrivals.

Devotional Room: We offer a variety of inspired religious items including Bibles, devotional items to St. Peregrine (the patron saint of cancer sufferers), unique and artisan rosaries, materials offering support for grief, and a wide selection of prayer cards. Commemorate life moments with our selection of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation gifts.

Home Décor: Bring your experience at Mission San Juan Capistrano to your home with swallow-themed tableware, handcrafted South American pottery, religious statues, and one-of-a-kind wall-hanging mosaics.

We are Sacred Arts Foundation, a non-profit ministry dedicated to strengthening faith and Christian devotion in churches, schools and home through our Monastery Icons collection of traditional Christian art and other beautiful sacred art and gifts since 1981. Discover over 200 colorful and unique images in our icon collection, including icons of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, saints icons, and more -- each available in plaques or prints from 4" to 60" tall made with our unique Lumina Gold process. Experience the rich fragrances and easy burning of Monastery Incense, America's favorite church incense. And find exquisite gifts for every occasion -- elegant figurines and statuary, religious jewelry, Russian icons and gifts, icon magnets, and more. 041b061a72


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