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Zen Match: A Relaxing Puzzle Game that Helps You Find Your Balance - Download APK Now

Zen Match: A Relaxing and Challenging Tile-Matching Game

If you are looking for a game that can calm your mind, boost your brain, and entertain you at the same time, then you should try Zen Match. Zen Match is a modern mahjong tile match puzzle game that has a user base of over 35+ million people. It is the highest-rated tile-matching game for puzzle lovers. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Zen Match, including how to play it, how to create your own Zen space, and how to download the APK file for Android devices.

How to Play Zen Match

Zen Match is a game that is inspired by the classic mahjong solitaire game, where your goal is to match three tiles of the same type and clear the board. However, Zen Match adds some twists and features that make it more fun and challenging.

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The basic rules of tile-matching mahjong puzzles

The rules of Zen Match are simple: you have to tap on three tiles that have the same symbol or color and they will disappear from the board. You can only tap on tiles that are not blocked by other tiles on their left or right sides. You have to clear all the tiles before the time runs out or before you run out of moves. You can see how many moves you have left on the bottom left corner of the screen, and how much time you have left on the top right corner.

The special features and boosts of Zen Match

Zen Match also has some special features and boosts that can help you clear the board faster and easier. For example, you can use the Spin button to refresh the board and get new tiles. You can also use the Play-On button to get extra moves or time when you are stuck. You can also collect special tiles that have different effects, such as bombs, rockets, magnets, hammers, and more. These tiles can clear multiple tiles at once, swap tiles, remove tiles, or shuffle tiles.

The tips and tricks to master Zen Match

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you master Zen Match and get higher scores:

  • Always look for matches. You should always be looking for three tiles on the board that have the same symbol or color. If you can make a match instantly, you will clear some space and not fill up your bar.

  • Check the layers. You can often see what tiles are going to be exposed next. This is important because it lets you set yourself up for matches. Try to place tiles that you know are going to connect when you get down to the next layer.

  • Look at the bar. Always keep an eye on how much space there is left in the tile bar along the bottom of the screen. Think about the tiles you will need to select to make your next series of matches and how they will fit. A full bar can spell disaster if you are not careful.

  • Tiles will shift. You do not need to worry about putting tiles down in the correct order. If there are two tiles in the bar that match a third tile on the board, you can tap on it and the match will be made, even if there are other tiles between them. Use this to your advantage when clearing the board.

  • Save your specials. You should save your special boosts for when you are really stuck. They can get you out of a jam, but usually if you take some time and have a think, you will be able to find a match without using them.

How to Create Your Own Zen Space

Zen Match is not only a game that challenges your mind, but also a game that relaxes your soul. You can create your own Zen space in the game, where you can decorate your own relaxing room with various Zen items, such as cushions, lamps, candles, plants, and more. You can also care for your own house plant and watch it grow and bloom.

The benefits of decorating your own relaxing room

Decorating your own relaxing room in Zen Match has many benefits for your mental and emotional well-being. For example, you can:

  • Express your creativity and personality. You can choose from different styles and themes of Zen items, such as modern, rustic, oriental, or bohemian. You can mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures to create a unique and cozy atmosphere.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety. You can use your relaxing room as a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can enjoy the soothing music, the soft lighting, and the calming scents of your Zen items. You can also meditate, practice mindfulness, or do some breathing exercises in your relaxing room.

  • Increase happiness and satisfaction. You can feel proud of your achievements and progress in the game. You can also unlock new Zen items and collections as you complete more levels and puzzles. You can also share your relaxing room with your friends and family and see their reactions.

The options and collections of Zen items

Zen Match offers you a wide range of options and collections of Zen items that you can use to decorate your relaxing room. Here are some examples of the Zen items that you can find in the game:


FurnitureCushionA soft and comfortable pillow that you can sit on or hug.

FurnitureLampA warm and cozy light source that creates a relaxing ambiance.

FurnitureTableA simple and elegant surface that you can use to place other Zen items on.

DecorCandleA fragrant and soothing item that emits a gentle flame.

DecorBonsaiA miniature and beautiful tree that symbolizes harmony and balance.

DecorBuddha StatueA serene and peaceful item that represents wisdom and enlightenment.

PlantSucculentA low-maintenance and cute plant that adds some greenery to your room.

PlantOrchidA delicate and elegant flower that blooms in various colors.

PlantBambooA tall and graceful plant that grows fast and brings good luck.

You can also collect different sets of Zen items that belong to the same theme or style. For example, you can collect the Modern Zen set, which includes a white cushion, a silver lamp, a glass table, a white candle, a geometric bonsai, a metal Buddha statue, a cactus, a white orchid, and a bamboo vase. Or you can collect the Rustic Zen set, which includes a brown cushion, a wooden lamp, a wooden table, a yellow candle, a pine bonsai, a stone Buddha statue, a mossy succulent, a purple orchid, and a bamboo basket.

The daily challenges and rewards of caring for your house plant

Zen Match also gives you the opportunity to care for your own house plant in the game. You can choose from different types of plants, such as roses, lilies, sunflowers, tulips, daisies, and more. You can water your plant every day and watch it grow from a seed to a sprout to a flower. You can also customize your plant with different pots, stickers, ribbons, and more.

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Caring for your house plant in Zen Match has many benefits for you as well. For example, you can:

  • Earn coins and gems. You can get coins and gems every time you water your plant or when it reaches a new stage of growth. You can use these coins and gems to buy more Zen items or boosts in the game.

  • Unlock new plants and items. You can unlock new types of plants and items as you progress in the game. You can also get special plants and items during events and seasons, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more.

Share your plant with others. You can share your plant with your friends and family through social media or email. You can also see other play


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