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Download Drift86 and Enjoy the Eurobeat - Free Arcade Racing Game for PC

Drift 86: A Fun and Affordable Drift Game for PC

If you are a fan of drifting and racing games, you might have heard of Drift 86, a unique arcade game that lets you get in your favorite car and set records alone or with friends. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Drift 86, including what it is, how to download and install it for free, why you should play it, and some tips and tricks to master it. We will also show you how to customize your car in Drift 86 with some cool liveries. So, buckle up and get ready to slide!

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What is Drift 86?

Drift 86 is a racing/drift game developed by RewindApp, an indie game studio based in France. It was released on Steam in November 2019 and has received very positive reviews from players. As the name suggests, the game is about drifting, which is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers the car to make it slide sideways through a turn. The game is inspired by the legendary Toyota AE86, a rear-wheel-drive sports car that became famous for its drifting performance in Japan and in the anime series Initial D.

Features and gameplay of Drift 86

Drift 86 offers a simple but addictive drift system that will make you want to press the accelerator and make the biggest combo on music that will pump you up. The game has a large number of cars and maps available for maximum fun. You can choose from more than 40 different cars, including the mythical 86 car, and more than 30 different maps, ranging from city streets to mountain roads. You can also play in single-player or multiplayer mode, chat live with other players, and use an Xbox controller if you prefer.

How to download and install Drift 86 for free

If you want to download and install Drift 86 for free on your PC, you can follow these steps:

Click on this link to go to the download page for Drift 86: [1](

  • If you are asked for a password, use:

  • Choose a mirror to complete your download. If using a torrent download, you will first need to download uTorrent.

  • Once Drift 86 has finished downloading, extract the file using a software such as WinRAR.

  • Run the game .exe application

  • Enjoy the game!

The download is for Drift 86 v3.0 file size is 467.76 MB

Why you should play Drift 86

Drift 86 is a game that will appeal to anyone who loves drifting and racing games. Here are some reasons why you should play it:

Pros and cons of Drift 86


- It is fun and easy to play- It has some bugs and glitches

- It has a low price ($1.99) and often goes on sale- It has partial controller support only

- It has a lot of variety in cars and maps- It has no story or career mode

- It has a multiplayer mode and a chat system- It has no online leaderboards or rankings

<tr Tips and tricks to master Drift 86

Drift 86 is a game that requires skill and practice to master. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you improve your drifting performance and score:

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  • Use the handbrake to initiate a drift. Press the spacebar on your keyboard or the B button on your controller to apply the handbrake and make your car slide.

  • Control your speed and angle. Don't go too fast or too slow, and don't oversteer or understeer. Find the right balance between throttle, brake, and steering to maintain a smooth and stable drift.

  • Use the camera angles to your advantage. You can switch between different camera angles by pressing C on your keyboard or Y on your controller. Try different perspectives to see which one suits you best.

  • Practice on different maps and cars. Each map and car has its own characteristics and challenges. Experiment with different settings and configurations to find your favorite combination.

  • Have fun and don't give up. Drifting is not easy, but it is rewarding. Don't get frustrated if you fail or crash. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you get better.

How to customize your car in Drift 86

One of the coolest features of Drift 86 is that you can customize your car with different liveries, colors, wheels, and stickers. Here is how to do it:

  • Select a car from the garage menu.

  • Press E on your keyboard or X on your controller to enter the customization menu.

  • Use the arrows to browse through the different options for liveries, colors, wheels, and stickers.

  • Press Enter on your keyboard or A on your controller to confirm your choice.

  • Press Esc on your keyboard or B on your controller to exit the customization menu.

You can also download custom liveries from other players or create your own using a software such as Photoshop. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

Go to this link: [2](

  • Download the template for the car you want to customize.

  • Edit the template with your preferred software and save it as a PNG file.

  • Rename the file as "custom.png" and place it in the folder of the car you want to customize (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Drift86\Drift86_Data\StreamingAssets\Cars\AE86).

  • Launch the game and select the car you customized.

  • Press E on your keyboard or X on your controller to enter the customization menu.

  • Select "Custom" as the livery option.

  • Enjoy your custom car!


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Drift 86 is a fun and affordable drift game for PC that will let you experience the thrill of sliding sideways in various cars and maps. You can download and install it for free by following our guide, and you can customize your car with different liveries, colors, wheels, and stickers. You can also improve your drifting skills by following our tips and tricks, and challenge yourself in single-player or multiplayer mode. Drift 86 is a game that will keep you entertained for hours and make you feel like a drift king!

FAQs about Drift 86

Here are some frequently asked questions about Drift 86 that you might find useful:

  • Q: How do I play Drift 86 online with my friends?

  • A: To play Drift 86 online with your friends, you need to do the following:Create a Steam account if you don't have one already.

  • Add your friends as Steam friends by sending them a friend request or accepting theirs.

  • Launch Drift 86 and select "Multiplayer" from the main menu.

  • Create a room by clicking on "Create Room" or join an existing room by clicking on "Join Room".

  • Select a map and a car and wait for your friends to join.

  • Have fun drifting with your friends!

  • Q: How do I change the language of Drift 86?

A: To change the language of Drift 86, you need A: To change the language of Drift 86, you need to do the following:

  • Go to your Steam library and right-click on Drift 86.

  • Select "Properties" from the menu.

  • Go to the "Language" tab and choose your preferred language from the drop-down list.

  • Click on "Close" and restart the game.

  • Q: How do I reset my progress in Drift 86?

  • A: To reset your progress in Drift 86, you need to do the following:Go to this folder: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\LocalLow\RewindApp\Drift86

  • Delete the file named "save.json".

  • Launch the game and start from scratch.

  • Q: How do I report a bug or a glitch in Drift 86?

  • A: To report a bug or a glitch in Drift 86, you need to do the following:Go to this link: [3]( a new discussion with a descriptive title and a detailed explanation of the issue.

  • Attach a screenshot or a video if possible.

  • Wait for a response from the developers or other players.

  • Q: How do I get more updates and news about Drift 86?

A: To get more updates and news about Drift 86, you can do the following:Follow the official Twitter account of RewindApp: [4]( the official Discord serv


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