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Buy Kitchenaid Attachments

Millions of professional and at-home chefs alike rely on their KitchenAid Stand Mixer to create all kinds of delicious dishes and baked goods. A huge variety of attachments and accessories transform the stand mixer into a powerful and versatile small appliance. Beyond baking, you can process fruits and vegetables, grind meats, whip up desserts, and make fresh, homemade pasta.

buy kitchenaid attachments

Slicer/Shredder + Grinder/Sausage Stuffer Attachment Pack: Combines two of our most popular and useful KitchenAid attachments: the slicer/shredder and the grinder with sausage stuffer tubes. The shredder attachment allows you to use your stand mixer to shred foods like pulled pork and chicken for different recipes.

Hub: A circular port at the front of the mixer head where you place KitchenAid branded attachments such as the meat grinder, pasta cutter, or spiralizer. When not in use, the hub is usually covered by a silver medallion with the KitchenAid logo.

Attachment: Can refer to the paddle, whisk, and dough hook that come with the mixer, but also used to describe the various accessories you can purchase to extend the versatility of your stand mixer such as the ice cream maker, food processor, or meat grinder. Check out our guide on the best KitchenAid attachments.

Sausage: KitchenAid makes several attachments that allow you to grind your own meat for homemade sausage. Read more about how to grind meat and make sausage with a KitchenAid stand mixer.

That said, it is also one of the biggest investments you will make - in money and counter space. There are many stand mixers out there, and also many options with the most popular kitchenaid stand mixer.

I have been using my kitchenaid stand mixer for almost 5 years now, and love it. I got mine from Costco, and it is just as solid even after 5 years. In this post, I will break down what you should consider when buying a stand mixer - Type, Size, Bowl and Power.

I love that I can set the stand mixer to make dough, while I continue to prepare the other parts of the meal. If you know about Indian cooking, the flatbreads are an integral part of the meal, and mostly made fresh everyday. For me, the kitchenaid has been a game changer, as making dough was the most tedious part if making fresh roti/parathas for me.

Pro-tip: People always talk about how much more you can make. However I also looked at the minimum I can make in the kitchenaid mixer. With this 4.5-5 quart size, you can make dough with 2 cups of flour (perfect for 1-2 meals). However with a larger 6 quart bowl, you have to use a minimum of 3.5-4 cups of flour to make dough.

See recommendations on popular KitchenAid attachments to buy for the stand mixer. These tips are geared towards people who love to cook and are new to using the KitchenAid stand mixer attachments. See what you need to make homemade pasta, ice cream, and more!

Once you have your beautifully fresh, tasty pasta shapes, the possibilities are endless. From a classic Aglio e olio, or family favourite macaroni cheese, to your own creative pasta pairings, these clever attachments will brighten up any mealtime.

After picking out the stand mixer color of your dreams, then continue to shop the brand for other must-have items like attachments, mixing bowls, cutlery, utensils and so much more, all made to make your life easier and more beautiful each time you cook a meal.

No, you can't use the attachments for KitchenAid and Cuisinart mixers interchangeably. Or at least, that's what the official guidance will tell you. Technically, the whisk, hook and flat beater from the Cuisinart Precision and the KitchenAid Artisan will fit into place on the opposing mixer, but there's no saying if they'll work as well on a different mixer, and it could even damage your machine if you use attachments that aren't designed to fit onto the specific head of your mixer.

With that said, others consider the much-loved Cuisinart Precision stand mixer to be an excellent alternative to the classic KitchenAid Artisan, with a larger mixing bowl and similar attachments for cooking anything from bread to cupcakes.

Boasting high quality, power and performance, the Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer comes with 12 speed settings and 3 attachments, allowing for you to mix cake batter, knead dough and much more. Available in multiple colors, the Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer is a smart and stylish addition to your kitchen.

The bowl-lift design provides sturdy bowl support when mixing heavy ingredients or large batches. For even more versatility, there are over 10 KitchenAid mixer attachments to make everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie spirals, ice cream and more.

It's easy to make gourmet burgers and sausage, grind hard cheeses, or even fresh bread crumbs with the kitchenaid metal food grinder attachment. The food grinder attaches to the power hub of your kitchenaid stands mixer* and uses the power of the mixer to help you process fresh ingredients with speed and ease. Make gourmet burgers at home, any night of the week, from your favorite cut of meat, from turkey to beef, or even bison, and boost the favorite with fresh garlic, onions, mushrooms, and more.

Some of the most popular KitchenAid attachments include the pasta maker, a set that rolls and cuts sheets of pasta; a spiralizer that peels, cores and slices fruits and vegetables; a grinder that minces meats and cheeses and a food processor that chops and dices. The attachment lineup also features a strainer, slicer/shredder, vegetable sheet cutter, grain mill, pasta press, juicer, ice cream maker, sausage stuffer and sifter.

Many attachments also conveniently serve duel purposes. For example, the meat grinder can also process hard cheeses and breadcrumbs and the vegetable sheet cutter also serves as a zoodle maker. And the grinder/strainer combination minces proteins and purées produce.

KitchenAid makes nearly 50 attachments that, by and large, fit all of the brand's stand mixers. The attachments either clip onto the front of the appliance or onto the bowl stand, and are powered by the mixer's motor so you can do everything from making pasta to spiralizing veggies in a snap.

The same power, but the AC motor, also runs KitchenAid. Classic Mixers. These motors are sufficient for all attachments; the mixer only needs more power to play with large quantities in 6-8 quart mixers.

KitchenAid is an American home appliance brand owned by Whirlpool Corporation. The company was started in 1919 by The Hobart Manufacturing Company to produce stand mixers; the "H-5" was the first model introduced. The company faced competition as rivals moved into this emerging market, and introduced its trademarked silhouette in the 1930s with the model "K", the work of designer Egmont Arens. The brand's stand mixers have changed little in design since, and attachments from the model "K" onwards are compatible with the modern machines.

Egmont Arens was hired in the 1930s to design a low-cost series of mixers. This resulted in the production of the KitchenAid Model "K" which featured a streamlined profile for the first time, and the KitchenAid standard design has remained relatively unchanged since then.[11] The silhouette has since been made a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.[11] In 1997 the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art selected the KitchenAid stand mixer as an icon of American design. There is an attachment hub on the front of each mixer. Every KitchenAid mixer since the introduction of the Model "K" has allowed for cross-generational attachment compatibility, meaning that attachments from the 1930s can be used on modern mixers, and vice versa. This cross-generational compatibility extends only to attachments powered through the hub. Other accessories (beaters, bowls, etc.) are not necessarily compatible even across similar models in production at the same time (for example, not all current production six-quart bowl-lift mixers use the same accessories).[12] Initially the mixers were only available in white; a range of four colors was introduced in 1955.[11]

Hi TamaraWhat a useful resource you have built-I love it! I remember seeing your blog some years back when I was researching about lead in my crockery. Wish I saw this post before buying my Kitcheaid mixer recently. I would love to know if you tested those stainless steel attachments from William Sonoma or if by now you have some better alternative for the whisk attachment.

Tamara, thank you for the page!I have bare aluminum-lead attachments, the ones that stains the cloth when cleaned.Do you think they are legal? If they are not, the minimum they can do is to replace them.

Hello!Wondering if the newer models come with stainless steel attachments? Or if newer models have been tested? We received our stand mixer as a wedding gift in 2020 and will need to look into this for our specific model.

The new ones only come with stainless if that is expressly mentioned in the packaging. To my knowledge all of the new ones come with cast aluminum. Per the video posted this week I tested new product this week that was still positive for Lead. Details here: -safe-mama-readers-told-me-kitchenaid-indicated-they-were-lawyering-up-so-i-created-a-series-of-videos-in-response/

Go beyond baking with KitchenAid attachments. KitchenAid mixer attachments make every course of your meal a breeze, from fresh-baked bread to homemade pasta and meatballs to creamy soft-serve ice cream for dessert. For use with your Pro, Artisan or Classic KitchenAid stand mixer, KitchenAid accessories turn these already versatile appliances into a variety of other tools, reducing the need for separate machines. To use, simply remove the mixing hub cover at the top front of the mixer, plug in your desired KitchenAid mixer attachment and set the speed according to the manual for your specific accessory. Another benefit to KitchenAid stand mixer attachments? Because they connect to the mixer for power, they are smaller and easier to store than their free-standing counterparts, making them an ideal choice for spaces with limited storage. Discover countless things to do with a KitchenAid mixer using these attachments: 041b061a72


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