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The Benefits and Risks of Using VB Decompiler Pro 10 0 Crack 37 for Visual Basic Developers

Someone I used to work for emailed me out of the blue and said they want me to update a VB3 (!!!) program I wrote for them because customers are reporting having problems running it under Windows 7. They have lost the source code (natch). Is there a decompiler for VB3?

vb decompiler pro 10 0 crack 37


DoDi's VBDIS3 it self is also written in VB3 - so about 10 years later just for fun I cracked it to make the decompiler to decompile it self.... and ported it to VB6!So now you've the source code !!! :D

Unlike the later versions which used native code and are generally not reliably decompilable, VB3 (and, I think, VB4) could be usually decompiled to almost original code. The keywords you need to search for are "DoDi VB3 decompiler" or "vb3dis". Here's a page that seems to have a copy.


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