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[S1E4] White Knights

Marlene Alraune, Spector's love interest in the comics, was not included because she was the "prototypical damsel in distress" seen in many older comics. Slater felt any lead female character needed to be a Marion Ravenwood-type character, from Indiana Jones, who could "go toe to toe with the boys". This led to the creation of the character Layla El-Faouly,[17] originally named Zayna Faoul,[75] someone who had "one foot in her Egyptian heritage and one foot in the mercenary world".[17] Diab pushed for the character to be Egyptian,[7] with Slater adding that had she been a white character alongside Spector, also traditionally a white character in the comics, they would have encountered "white savior tropes and some of the weird imperialism and colonialism problems" that countries such as Egypt have dealt with. During development, it was decided to give the character superpowers, with the creatives taking the name of the first Egyptian hero from the comics, Scarlet Scarab, to give to her.[17] Diab noted he had not connected El-Faouly to that character from the comics.[15]

[S1E4] White Knights

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Meanwhile, at cotillion, Seth tells Anna that Ryan is not coming. They chat and find out they have a lot in common. Summer blows Seth off for Luke, which upsets Seth. Anna comforts him and asks him to be her escort. Later, Ryan and Marissa arrive together. A furious Luke sees them, breaks up with Marissa, and leaves. Ryan asks if he can be Marissa's "white knight," and she agrees, much to the chagrin of her mother, Julie.

It's an intriguing possibility to consider, as Moon Knight episode 4's twist ending would flip everything audiences thought they knew about the MCU's newest character. This would require Marvel to reteach Marc Spector's actual origin and reveal that he might not even be a superhero. That would of course mean that Moon Knight and Layla's adventures chasing after Arthur Harrow didn't really happen, and that what has taken place so far will not influence the larger Marvel universe. Perhaps this is the reason why Moon Knight has had so few MCU references. Marc Spector could've spent the majority of his life in this psychiatric hospital, meaning he's largely unaware of the massive MCU Phase 4 events happening outside the all-white walls of his reality.

Cut to: the Small Council. It seems that Corlys Velaryon is fixing to wed his daughter Laena (remember her? The 12-year-old in the white Harpo wig?) to the son of a Lord of the Free Cities, effectively turning his back on the Seven Kingdoms. (We get a nice quick shot of the perpetually worried Tyland Lannister looking worried, again, still, some more.) 041b061a72


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