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Storie Incredibili Movie _HOT_ Download Free In Italian

I really hoped this one could be a little, fun Italian horror movie to entertain Piazza Grande audience, but for me it was a disappointment. Il mostra della cripata, which is based on an idea by Manetti Bros (Paura, Ammore e malavita, and the upcoming Diabolik), is an homage to italian horror B movies. The protagonistl Gio (Tobia de is a 20 something cinephile who lives in a picturesque village on Veneto mountain named Bobbio. He's wary of the calm, sleepy atmosphere of the village: he dreams of monsters and serial killers as seen in Hollywood movies and pulp comics drawn by Diego Busirivici (Pasquale Petrolo). To fight off his boredom, he is trying to make a slasher movie with his friends and Vanessa (Amanda Campana), his beautiful scream queen. Suddenly a serie of terrible murders colors Bobbio blood red. Unfortunately the main suspect of the killings is Giò himself. The first murder is a perfect copy of a murder from his own comic book "Squad 666".

Storie incredibili movie download free in italian


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