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Pokemon Unite Says Purchased But Can 39;t _BEST_ Download

As the title says, I am completely unable to play the game, because I can't download it. I've been searching for solutions for a while, and google, the megathread, and the posts here had nothing to offer exept for people with the same issue and no fixes. I played the demo with a japanese account on my switch, but I'm now unable to install pokemon unite on any account on the device. I've restarted it, signed out and signed in, fully cleared the demo off my device, tried accounts that never played the demo, and nothing has worked. Can anyone help?

  • What to Do: Scroll through the HOME Menu to see if the game has already been downloaded to your console. You may need to select All Software to view your full list of downloaded games.

  • If the game is not appearing on the HOME Menu, it can be redownloaded at no cost using the same Nintendo Account that was originally used to purchase it. To redownload the game, access Nintendo eShop using the Nintendo Account that originally purchased the game, select your user icon in the top-right corner to access your Account Information and highlight Redownload. Select the game in the list of previously purchased titles, then select the orange icon to redownload it.

  • If the game does not appear in the list of previously purchased titles, a different Nintendo Account was originally used to purchase the game. Try again with the other accounts on the console until you locate the one that was used to make the purchase.

pokemon unite says purchased but can 39;t download

"You will not be able to purchase it, to play it, nothing, it is dead."As long as you already have purchased the games, they will continue to work. If you delete them off your system, you can redownload them.

Very glad and lucky to purchased the special edition back in time, but this really sucks. We have just only 3 months to download the dlc of our backlog 3ds games. We should not forget a title and also we shall search the eshop to download digital only games that have great use of stereoscopic 3d. Three months with a lot of press and anxious. Very angry again with Nintendo. It's too soon God Damned!!!

@Ogbert It's my understanding that DLC on most platforms is tied to a specific user account via encypted digital signatures, same as digital games themselves. The PSP may have been an exception, since it was such an early foray into the technology, but no users on any extant digital platform are able to download DLC they've purchased onto a memory card and just hawk it on eBay or something.

There are a lot of different Switch accessories you can buy, but if you've just purchased the console, there are a few things you should get first. The most essential accessories are a carrying case, an SD card, and a screen protector. These items will allow ou to protect your Switch and also download more games to the console. You may also want to look into getting a more comfortable Pro controller or a nicer set of Joy-Cons since the base set are not very ergonomic for long-term gameplay.

The report highlights IP-based mobile games attract bigger spenders and says leveraging well-known IP such as entertainment franchises is a great way of boosting organic downloads and lifetime revenue in the wake of ATT.


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