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Clue Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game Free Down...

Cluedo MobileOriginalNewDeveloperMarmalade Game StudioPlatformApp Store, Google Play, Steam, Nintendo SwitchReleaseDecember 26, 2016DeviceAndroid 5 or above, requires 470MB memoryTypeBoard Game, StrategyModeSingle-player or multiplayerCluedo Mobile, known as Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game is a paid mobile app based on Cluedo board game, developed by Marmalade Game Studio. The gameplay is same as classic cluedo, but there are some new elements including boards and characters. In the app, you can play with computer with a difficulty you like, or multiplayer games with your friends or someone random.

Clue Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game Free Down...

Cluedo has returned to the classic game screen, making players spend a lot of effort to solve the case successfully. In this simulation game, players will take on the role of a character to solve a thrilling and mysterious case of Dr. Black. At a royal mansion, unfortunately, Dr. Black has been murdered and is looking for the culprit. You will participate in the investigation of the case, following the clues of the remaining suspects to seek justice for Dr. Black. In the game, everyone has to move between the rooms of that mansion and answer the questions of who is in charge of the case and the murder weapon. The plot of the game is very thrilling, and players will have to go through many stages to end this murder.

In fact, Cluedo is one of the most classic and quite challenging mystery games for players. Detective game for you to familiarize yourself with detective work for later. To find out the cause of the incident, the player must choose from different boards. The maps of the areas around the mansion will help you overcome the fanciful historical places. Join Mis Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Reverend Green, Dr. Orchird, and others in a murder mystery night. You shake the dice to move around the measuring house and ask questions. 041b061a72


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